Thursday, March 6, 2014

Imagineering a Narrative

Staying strictly macro
Apologies for the erratic schedule lately. I've spent the last month working sporadically on a fiction project, absorbing most of my free time. Knowing me it won't amount to anything, but 10,000 words isn't mental chump change and I'm enjoying the challenge - I'm not one-hundredth as good at creating art as I am critiquing it. On the other hand, it's cut deeply into my movie-watching time.

I'd be more self-reflective, but you guys come for the movie reviews. I'll have a good one tomorrow, once I go for a spin on the ideas carousel.


Alice said...

10 thousand words can be quite a challenge! That was the length of my final uni project. What are you writing?

Groggy Dundee said...

It's every film writer's fantasy: a movie critic receiving life-or-death power over filmmakers. Michael Bay, to the gulag with you!

I planned it as a short story but it's ballooned out of my control, going in odd directions. Just having fun with it for now.